Who Am I?

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Assalamualaikum.. You guys wanna know me??

I'm juz an ordinary person.. with ordinary look.. and ordinary talent of writing..
Also with an ordinary name..

I was named 'Siti Aisyah' by my dad.. not my mom.. :-P
You guys can simply call me 'isya' ..

I was born at 1996.
number '6'  and '9' is one of the biggest thing in my life.
well.. it's because the number always show up from nowhere in my life.. (it's kinda tiring thinking about the number):-p

My hometown?
Well.. I was born at Kelantan.. and grow up at... Kelantan of course! not South Korea.. :-P

Do I fond of K-POP??
Owh... no..no.. absolutely nope! I don't like them. But I don't hate them. Clear?

I hate Science subject , but I was chosen by school to take Science class starting from Form 4 based on my PMR result.. Kinda ... irritating! :-P

If you love my blog, then support me. If you hate my blog, juz ... get out of here!

~Peace No War~


p/s : Tolong maafkan penggunaan kata ganti nama diri 'AKU' dalam entry saye.. I'm juz feeling more comfortable using that word. Sorry.


  1. Salam Saudari. Saya berminat nak beli satu buku SPM dari saudari. Itu pun kalau berminat nak jual. Noh

    1. wassalam. buku ape ye? sy pernah ade sebut ke pasal nk jual bku spm sy ??


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